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Two-Stage Triangular Cylinder Dab Pen Case with Child-Resistant

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Introducing our innovative Two-Stage Triangular Cylinder Dab Pen Case, designed to provide secure storage and child-resistant functionality for your dab pens. Crafted from sturdy paper material, this unique case offers a stylish solution for organizing and protecting your dab pens.

Two-Stage Design

The case features a two-stage design with a triangular cylinder shape. The first stage is a spacious main compartment that can hold multiple dab pens, providing ample storage space. The second stage is a convenient drawer-style compartment that fits perfectly within the triangular cylinder, allowing easy access to your dab pens.

Child-Resistant Button

One face of the case is equipped with a child-resistant circular button. This innovative feature requires a specific combination of actions to open the case, providing an extra layer of safety and security, especially for households with children. The child-resistant button ensures that only authorized users can access the contents of the case.

EVA Tray for Protection

The case comes with a removable EVA tray that can protect and securely hold your dab pens. The customizable EVA tray offers cushioning and prevents any movement or damage to your pens during transportation or storage. This ensures that your dab pens stay in place and remain in optimal condition.

Choose our Two-Stage Triangular Cylinder Dab Pen Case with a child-resistant feature for a sleek and secure storage solution. With its innovative design, child-resistant button, and protective EVA tray, this case provides peace of mind and convenience for your dab pen collection.