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Square Child Resistant Tin Box

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This certified square child resistant tin box is developed for chocolate on 2021. The hinged structure with hidden slot turns into smooth and stackable child resistant metal packaging that the appearance is the same as the normal chocolate tin box. Rolled inside edge holds the slot to constitute this child resistant mechanism – Press&Lift. Comparing the other child resistant tin version, this one without accessary allows the embossing and printing covering the whole surface. The humanization design is to upgrade the exqiute appearance. This square child resistant tin box is really a nice option for chocolate packaging.

Brand: Custom printing

Feature: Certified Square child-resistant

Material: 0.23mm tinplate

Outside size: 108x108x18mm

Inside size: 99x99x17.5mm

MOQ: 5,000pcs

Usage: Chocolate bar

Extra working: butter paper, display box , PS insert

Square Child Ressitant Version

This square child resistant tin box is US certified. It's rolled inside lid and bottom with hinged structure that ensures the flat, smooth, portable, stackable appearace. The invisible child-proof feature achieves the favorable packaging for chocolate. Opening and cloasing easily reduces the working to pack chocolate and repack it to the market. It's a perfect child resistant metal packaging for edibles.

Any printing or embossing can be applied to this child proof metal box. No need extra cost or working for this custom brand, it's the necessary condition for a famous company to prmote their products with the exquiste printing tin can.

The inside size 3.9"x3.9"x0.69" is designed for choclate bar or ball. Usually, adding gold color PS insert into this child ressitant tin box to pack chocolate is really a perfect option. Smoothly and stackable appearance with elegant prinitng and embossing makes this tin box attractive, opening tin box with gold color PS insert shows the black chocolate more luxurious.